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Sulfur Sodium / Flakes (Na2s)

Sulfur sodium / sulfide sodium (NA2S) is yellow or brick-red chemical composition which usually is used in curriery ,weaving ,silk worm , separation of mineral rocks from metals, paper mill and other industries. maintenance condition: sulfur sodium material combines severely with air and moisture and its molecules are analyzed and this process weakest its operation as possible as and we have prevent from reaching air to material and keep it in cold and dry place.

Na2S 60+/-2%
Na2SO3 Less Than 2% wt
Na2CO3 Less Than 0.5% wt
Fe Less Than 25 PPM
Unsoluble Less Than 15 PPM
Density 1600 kg/m3
Melting Point 90 °C
Color Lightly Brown

Activated carbon

Activated carbon is used in a broad range of applications for both industrial and residential uses that include drinking water purification, ground and municipal water treatment, power plant and landfill gas emissions, and precious metal recovery. Air purification solutions include VOC removal and odor control.

AC100 Unit
Size 30*8 mesh
Size 0.6-2.4 mm
Iodin Number 975-1025 mg/g
PH 7
Ash Content <=8% w/w
Water Content <=4% w/w